"A private association is essential. To be effective, such an organization should include in its membership all families of the community."--Radburn Designer Clarence Stein, from the "Radburn" chapter in his classic book Toward New Towns For America.


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Rothman and Gordon Write Letters in Support of Radburn Democracy

On November 16 Congressman Steven R. Rothman and Assemblyman Robert Gordon sent letters to both Acting Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Charles Richman and New Jersey Senator (Governor-elect) Jon Corzine communicating their concern over the lack of democracy in Radburn. Click on the links below to read the letters.

Rothman to Corzine

Rothman to Richman

Gordon to Richman

Original letter from DCA to Radburn

From Rep. Rothman's Letter:

Quote #1: "I have great concerns about how the Radburn Association's governance appears to be disenfranchising Radburn homeowners from playing an active role in the development of their own community"

Quote #2: “Under the current Radburn Association By-Laws only current and former board members can nominate candidates who are eligible for election to the nine-member board. This process goes against all of the ideals of the democratic process upon which our country was founded.”

Quote #3: “In a representative democracy such as our country, we enshrine the use of free and fair elections so as to ensure that every member of our society has their voice heard. No less should be expected from the Radburn Association. By having only a select few homeowners have a say in the governance of the Association, the rights of all the Radburn homeowners are being violated.”









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