URGENT: Write a Letter to the Trustees!

Feel free to cut and paste the following text in your own letter to the Radburn Trustees demanding that they NOT waste our money by fighting New Jersey state law that requires free elections and open meetings in Radburn and all other communities like ours! Your letter to the Trustees NOW could save Radburn many thousands of dollars, and will acelerate democratic reform in Radburn. Please feel free to draw on the ideas suggested below, but your letters will be more even more effective if you individualize them by adding your own thoughts.The Association will meet with state officials in the next few weeks. Let the Trustees know your opinion NOW, before they make a decision that could lead to expensive litigation! See the Trustees' addresses.


Dear [Trustee Name]:

As a Radburn resident, do not wish Radburn funds to be used litigating against the New Jersey state government in an attempt to delay granting the Radburn community our rights under New Jersey's Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act ("PREDFA").

It is the duty of the Radburn Association to show respect for the law as it has been explained to us by those New Jersey state officials whose job it is to enforce PREDFA. Radburn's money should be spent on Radburn's pools, parks, playgrounds, and all the other features of Radburn that directly enhance the life of our community. It should not be spent on fruitless and needless litigation against the state government. Allowing the Radburn community to enjoy our legal rights under PREDFA would have no negative impact on our community. It would change nothing about Radburn except to make Radburn self-governing.

I am also concerned that, once potential buyers of Radburn homes become aware that a significant portion of the Radburn assessment is being spent litigating with Trenton, and not being spent on polls, parks, and playgrounds, people will be less interested in buying homes here, and our property values will be harmed.

Last but not least, any attempt by the Radburn Trustees to spend Radburn's funds attempting to delay self-government in Radburn will inevitably lead to further legal actions being taken to limit such spending. There is no point in taking a step that must inevitably escalate this issue into a crisis. All that the Trustees need do is bring Radburn into compliance with the law and this matter will be resolved without further stress being placed on our community.



[your name]

[your adress]


Write to the Board Members certified mail (and then mail or hand-deliver a copy to Trustee June Meyerson at 15 Ballard Place) to let them know you do not want them to litigate the state of NJ regarding the PREDFA statute (Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act).




Radburn Citizens' Association | Fair Lawn, NJ 07410