About Us

The Radburn Citizens’ Association is your place to discuss anything and everything about Radburn.

From the RCA Constitution:

The purposes of the Radburn Citizens’ Association are (a) To serve as an open forum to give opportunity for the consideration and discussion of matters of public interest. (b) To act as an agency for the presentation to the Radburn Association and to other public or private bodies, of community opinion arrived at through public discussion and other appropriate means. (c) To provide a common meeting place for the members. (d) To foster the development of community life and a realization of its benefits and responsibilities. (e) To cooperate with other organizations in the furtherance of the above purposes for the welfare of Radburn and the entire community of Fair Lawn.

President serves for two years 2015-16

2015 Officers

  • Jill Jason Davis President
  • Jennifer Wylie Vice President
  • Marc Cortese Secretary
  • Yonit Dotin Treasurer

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Radburn Association. which maintains the parks in our community and collects assessments, is a separate entity from the Citizens’ Association?

Did you know that only the Radburn Association Board of Trustees can decide who is on the ballot mailed to residents for Board elections each year? 

Did you know that the members of the Radburn Association are limited to those people chosen by prior members?

Did you know that the Radburn Association by-laws are not automatically provided to residents?

You can find out how the Radburn Association operates by reviewing the bylaws here: