"A private association is essential. To be effective, such an organization should include in its membership all families of the community."--Radburn Designer Clarence Stein, from the "Radburn" chapter in his classic book Toward New Towns For America.


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Radburn Legal Spending and Assessments 2001-2005


On December 7, 2006 The Radburn Association raised assessments by 36% in order to help replenish its capital reserve fund, which has been fallen from over $300,000 to approximately $13,000 over the past several years due to massive spending on legal / professional fees. The spending started well before the Daly Field sale was announced to residents in early 2004. When asked at the December 7 meeting for the specific reason for the unusually high legal spending beginning in 2003 (over $222,000 and upwards from that point on), the Trustees declined to answer.

In addition, data provided to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by the Radburn Association for 2001-2005 shows discrepancies of up to 300% between the expenditures reported to residents at the beginning of December each year and the amounts filed with the IRS for the same year. In all, over $295,000 in spending has gone unreported to Radburn residents since 2003.

Legal and Assessment Reports 2001-2005

Illustrative Charts 2001-2005

Data Source: The Radburn Association's IRS tax returns and annual budget statements to residents.










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