"A private association is essential. To be effective, such an organization should include in its membership all families of the community."--Radburn Designer Clarence Stein, from the "Radburn" chapter in his classic book Toward New Towns For America.

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Family Day 2015 IS COMING JULY 17-18



Family Day 2014

AWESOME!  PERFECT!  BEST FAMILY DAY EVER…  and great weather from the first hands-free pie eaten and karaoke song sung, to Saturday evening’s DJ party that had everyone on their feet and a photo booth to show what you really think when nobody’s looking (it’s posted on Facebook, so now we do know!). Saturday’s events had rides and games for everyone young in spirit, face painting, spin art, cotton candy, sno-cones and chances to cool off on the water slide, the pool joust, the tug-of-war and even more. Refreshments and snacks were served at our bake sale and by our dedicated food court crew and grill masters.

Our gratitude to the Family Day Committee for rounding up our volunteers and support from commercial sponsors: Jill Davis, Joy Bradway, Yonit Dotan, Emily Schutz.

Special thanks to Marshall Chandler, Art Murray, Igor Yeliseyev and Eitan Cohen for their immense help before, during and after Family Day, Laura Reynolds for getting our pies baked and ready, Stephanie Chandler for rounding up volunteers, the bake sale team for their delicious treats, the face painting team for their wonderful artistic creations, Kevin Northrup for setup and cleanup, Jim Funcheon for our grill, Ben Bontekoe and all our Fire Company heroes for a much-needed spray and slip-sliding tug-of-war, Dave Drahouzal and the Dutch House for keeping the ice flowing, Cornell Christianson for his photos, magic act and seeming to be everywhere, Joel Ringer on his 27th consecutive year of the popular egg toss, Lucky Abernathy and Rich Paganello for keeping the pool jousting action going, Mike Schindler and LSNY for the DJ party and all our local commercial sponsors for their support.

Hundreds and hundreds served by our tireless grill masters and food runners Michael Alania, David Rosenberg, Sue and David Northrup, Greg Outcalt, Jeff Sommar, Dan Hakim, Shaun Suehr, Mark Ramirez.  Also our gratitude to our clean-up crews in R and B parks,  Marshall Chandler, Laura Reynolds, Laurie Perl, Miri Cohen, Becky Cortese, Steven Rudnick, Brian Press.

The winners! 

Over 70 participated in the Pie Eating Contest. 11 and under winners were Mathas Cameron, Seth Klein and Daniel Kissil. 12 and over winners were Reid Stevens, August Abernathy and Sean Glassett. The first ever Karaoke Contest was won by Samantha Colan with second place to the duo of Nicki Kissil and Bridget with third place to Eilat Kissil who won the children's category. On Saturday, over 200 people participated in the Egg Toss Contest under the leadership of Joel Ringer in his 27th annual contest. Terry Buksar and friend won the adult category. There was a tie in the teen category between Nick Cicero-Phil Melnick and Bill and Billy Joyce. The kids category was won by Victoria Seidler and Sean Glassett. The Tug of War was won by the Boys Team ending a five year winning streak by the Girls Team. The winners of the Hula Hoop Contest were 11 and under Sean Briel and Arielle Alania and for 12 and over Nico O'Neill and Anat Tsyrlin. With DJ Michael Schindler leading the fun, the Coke Pepsi Dance Contest was won by Margarita Lallbekova-Brianna Montero with second place to Kelly Sullivan-Nate Steen. The Balloon Stuffing Contest was won by Daniel Kissil with 63 balloons stuffed in his clothes. Photos of the day's events can be seen on the website for the Radburn Citizens Association. 

But, it all happens because of *YOU*. Thank you to everyone who set aside an hour (or several) to make Family Day fun for all, in alphabetical order:

Lucky Abernathy

Jennifer Johnson-Dimaggio

Brian Press

Michael Alania

Louis Joseph-Lowery

Mark Ramirez

Christine and Peter Andrews

Ilene Khan

Laura Reynolds

Tracy Barclay

Karen Krane

Joel Ringer

Keren Bergig

Marilyn Lansey

Michael Roney

Ben Bontekoe

Effie Lebet

Dave Rosenberg

Terry Buksar

Gilda Linden

Pritee Rudnick

Marshall Chandler

Sue Main

Steven Rudnick

Stephanie Chandler

Pryce Mandel

Caroline Runo

Cornell Christianson

Michelle Metz

Annabel Schlair

Dana and Yuma Clark

Lynn Morneweck-Fuld

Michael Schutz

Eitan Cohen

Donald Morris

Jeff Sommar

Miri Cohen

Kevin Northrop

Doug Steen

Pam Cohen

Tim Northrop

Dan Steiner

Shana Cohen

Sue and David Northrup

Shaun Suehr

Ron Coll

Kirsten O’Leary

Kelly Sullivan

Becky Cortese

Anne O'Malley

Martin Swanzey

Marlies Drahouzal

Greg Outcalt

Cindy Tanzer

Jennifer Gibli

Marion Paganello

Barbara Usher

Ellen Glassett

Rich Paganello

Liz Weidhorn

Jeff Goodnow

Amita Patel

Michelle Weinraub

Dan Hakim

Niraj Patel

Yuko Yamaura

Alan Horowitz

Laurie Perl

Igor and Rita Yeliseyev

Beth Hurley

Phil Plotch

Alissa Zenack

Kimberly Jason

Janet Pollack

Fan Zhang

FAMILY DAY 2014 Pictures by Cornell Christianson


Photos from previous years


Photos by Jennifer Nemeth
















Photos by Eric Schutz