RCA Minutes Jan 20, 2016

April 14, 2016

RCA Minutes Jan 20, 2016


Date: January 20th, 2016

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Grange Hall

Number in attendance 41 signed in:

Quorum was met


Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of December 9th were read.

TREASURER’S REPORT:         Jennifer Wylie (for Treasurer Marshall)

Treasurer report was presented.


Thank you to 2015 RCA Officers

Welcome to 2016 RCA Officers

Next RCA Meeting March 16 2016- Larry Koplik will talk about the history of Radburn after the RCA meeting.

Discussed Jill’s Blue letter that went out to resident’s

Dave Bostock is pricing new chairs for the Grange hall Rec area and has said he will start “sprucing up” the building including new paint.

Someone asked if the RCA can offer lectures/instruction on things such as basic finance and Home Economics for kids

The Welcome Tea will be run by Julie Enerson and Janie Alania.

Residents have asked for Board members to walk the Radburn paths to see which need hedges and shrubs trimmed to make them more accessible

Many residents complained of too much overgrowth
Suggestions included taking pictures, getting neighbors involved and asking Scout Troops for help

Family Day is July 16, 2016

Need volunteers for committee – residents can sign up on the website

Terry Buksar would like a Tennis Tournament

Also suggested that Tennis court nets be removed before large season storms

February 20th is Trivia Night

March 12 – Wine and Beer tasting. The FL firehouse refused to hold the event so we need to find a new venue

Family Fun Fridays are the first Friday of every month

Jill asked if anyone would be interested in Zumba classes and 8 people responded yes

Ron Cole – Civic Affairs

Announced that long time resident Al McGee had moved out of Radburn

In regards to trimming hedges & shrubs Ron said the Radburn Community spirit is to help those in need if they cannot do it themselves.

A resident asked that the Dialogue Committee post it’s Mission Statement, names of members and photos to the website

Trustees Report

The committee responsible for investing the $4M has decided to separate the monies into thirds. One third of the monies is to be kept liquid to be used at the Board’s discretion. One third is to be kept less liquid. The final third is to be invested in a long term instrument. All investments are supposed to be very conservative low yield but safe. Residents will receive a small reduction in their assessments because $200,000 will be used to defray the 2016 charges. The last element only applies to 2016.

Suggestions for additional activities may be sent to lovingmyoils@aol.com.


The following people are the chairs and/or co-chairs of these committees:

Dialogue Committee                                      Joy Bradway

Historian                                                          Larry Koplick.

Hospitality and Welcome Tea                      Igor Yeleseyev

Plant and Gardens                                          Joy Bradway

Family Day                                                       Yonit Dotan

Sports and Recreation                                   Brian Davis and Mike Bradway

Civic Affairs                                                      Stephen Taylor (Ron Coll resigned)



For any sidewalk damage send pictures to David Bostock at the Grange and to the Mayor of Fair Lawn. The understanding is from the house to the sidewalk path it is the homeowner’s responsibility. The paths are Radburn/Fair Lawn responsibility.


A majority of residents attended the meeting to discuss NJ Senate Bill A469 regarding how communities like Radburn shall be governed.

A bill in the 2015 NJ senate has since expired and the Board of Trustees had hired a lobbying firm to keep the bill from passing.

The New Bill would require Radburn to have open meetings, financial disclosures and open elections.

Many residents pointed out that Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act (“PREDFA”) applies to Radburn

Most resident were also concerned that a lobbyist was hired at a cost of $5000 per month and that the cited “client/attorney privilege” should have been ignored and the residents told what was going on and how Radburn money is being spent.

Many residents are still angered over the sale of Daly Field and do not trust the board to represent the needs and concerns of Radburn and the residents.

Lou DiGeronimo said he is considering bringing a lawsuit against the Radburn BOT suggesting criminal activity

June Myerson said that hiring a lobbyist is not necessary and that anyone can go to the NJ Senate and fight for or against a Bill

Two Board members, Marion Paganello and Terry Buksar attended the meeting to hear residents concerns and report back to the Board

Kathy Moore is curious how the $4 million made on the sale of Daly Field will be invested and/or spent

The majority of residents in attendance were angry about the secrecy of the BOT’s handling of the lobbyist and how they are spending the resident’s dues

The majority in attendance encouraged others to support the 2016 Bill A2027 and to call the State Assemblymen.


Following motion and second, the meeting was adjourned by Jill Davis

Respectfully submitted this 24th day of February, 2016 by Marc Cortese, Radburn Citizens’ Association Secretary.


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