RCA Minutes Jun 22, 2016 (draft)

July 1, 2016

RCA Minutes Jun 22, 2016 (draft)



Date:  June 22nd, 2016
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Grange Hall gymnasium

Number in attendance 13
Quorum was met/not met??


Minutes of May 18th were read. 



Jill starts with introductions around the room. Judith Landsman immediately brings up the road project at Fair Lawn Avenue and Abbott Road. Said she was disappointed that more Radburn residents did not attend meetings regarding it. Marion Paganello said that Steve Kiel did attend and she will speak with him about it. The BOT does think the town should make the area more aesthetically pleasing and in-line with Radburn. He also suggested Judy reach out to the Mayor with her concerns.

Dave, Scott and Marion said the BOT met with Senator Bob Gordon to discuss everyone's responsibility on all sides and how the BOT communicates to the residents and they need to build better relationships and work together.

Jill said she is happy to see that Scott is now on Facebook.

Stephanie Chandler asked Scott what he sees for Radburn’s future. Scott said he hopes it stays the same aesthetically and that the community can come together. He also stated that he hopes residents realize that nothing nefarious is going on in regards to the BOT meetings and money they handle.

Scott also informed the RCA that trees are starting to come down, however, they are only clearing bad trees and brush and leaving established trees. Landmark is moving forward on the construction and Daly Field is a done deal. 

Dave Bostock said the BOT is working on communicating better with the RCA and residents. The BOT hired MWW, a PR firm, to help teach them how to better communicate with everyone. 

Stephanie brought up the concern of the pollution that might still exist. Both Dave and Scott said that they took every precaution to make sure it was remediated with the DEP and also the settlement with BASF included assurances that the grounds and water were clean of pollutants. 

Someone asked if residents can have organized events in the parks and Dave said no because of liability concerns. Residents can play a game together if they want but can not create and run it as an organization. 

At the July 6th BOT meeting, a representative from UBS will be there to discuss the investments of the money from the sale of Daly Field.

The Tennis Courts will open the last week of June.

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Benches are going in to R-Park in the next few weeks.

Dog cans - residents would prefer 2 pick ups in the summer, however, the BOT will have an issue with storing the garbage until the town picks it all up. 

Some residents are still concerned with unleashed dogs. If they have any issues or see something to call the Grange. 

Shrubs still need to be trimmed down some of the paths.

Trustees Report: 2 sponsors gave $800 for family day. Yonit requested more money from BOT for family day, ideally $10,000 would be perfect. The BOT pitches in $3500. Also it was determined that Family Day expenses are covered in case of rain. 

Dave said he spoke with the Radburn Insurance company and they will add language that allows for alcohol coverage for family day and other events that might include alcohol.

Suggestions for additional activities may be sent to lovingmyoils@aol.com.


The following people are the chairs and/or co-chairs of these committees:

Dialogue Committee Joy Bradway
Historian Larry Koplick 
Hospitality and Welcome Tea Julia Enerson and Janie Alania
Plant and Gardens Joy Bradway
Family Day Yonit Dotan
Sports and Recreation Brian Davis and Mike Bradway
Civic Affairs Stephen Taylor 


Following motion and second, the meeting was adjourned by Jill Davis

Respectfully submitted this 1st day of July, 2016 by Marc Cortese, Radburn Citizens' Association Secretary. 

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