RCA Minutes September 09, 2015

February 29, 2016

RCA Minutes September 09, 2015



Date: Sept 9 2015

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Grange Hall

Number in attendance 9 headcount (9 signed in):

Quorum was not met


Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of June 17th were read.

TREASURER’S REPORT:         Jill Davis

Treasurer report was submitted by Marshall Chandler who was not present.


The RCA website is soon to be launched.

One new bench has been installed by tot lot. Three new test benches will be placed in the park soon.

The next RCA Meeting is scheduled for Oct 14th 2015. This meeting is the deadline for nominations for the RCA offices of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary in 2016. Please submit your name to Ron Coll chairman of the nominating committee prior to the meeting or be present at the October meeting.

There will be a Halloween adult dance party October 24th 8PM to Midnight. $10 per person pot luck dinner. The kids treasure hunt and Halloween party will be held on October 25th.

Future events planned are November 14th for wine and games and Dec 12 Holiday Party at Railyard Tavern.

Trustees Report

The investment committee met on June 29th. There are three financial firms under consideration for the investment of the Landmark monies. A decision of how to invest will be voted upon by the Trustees at the next open voting meeting to be held on October 21st. A deposit of about $100,000 had been received and the main installment was for $3.9M with the remainder of the sales proceeds to be received when Landmark builds.

R pool heaters have been installed.

Tennis Courts were ripped out and there are three bids for construction. The courts should be ready for next season.

Next Board of Trustees open voting meeting is October 21st.

Suggestions for additional activities may be sent to pres@radburncitizens.org .


The following people are the chairs and/or co-chairs of these committees:


Historian                                                          Larry Koplick.

Hospitality and Welcome Tea                      Igor Yeleseyev

Plant and Gardens                                          Marshall Chandler and Joy Bradway

Family Day                                                       Yonit Dotan

Sports and Recreation                                   Brian Davis and Mike Bradway

Civic Affairs                                                      Ron Coll


The garden committee will plant mums on Sept 20. Looking for volunteers to help plant to beautify Radburn parks.

Cookbooks will be underway shortly too. Need recipes from residents.

Make sure to tell Ron Coll our nominating chairperson if you want to run for an RCA office position. Nominating meeting is October 14th.




The town voted in the Borough Hall meeting not to take care of the Radburn paths. If a resident sees a broken slab on the path they should write to both the Grange and to the town of Fair Lawn to put everyone on notice about the broken concrete that requires repair.

The tree walks for 5 out of 10 school district areas are complete. Brochures will be put together. Fair Lawn High School will print them and the girl scouts will fold them. They will be available at the Grange, Minuteman press and the Library.

A resident mentioned that the attorney for landmark stated publicly they had to get approval from the Radburn architectural committee knowing the application would be in violation of the guidelines because the plans contained balconies. The Radburn Guidelines changed 11 years ago to state that a large new development is allowed to have balconies in anticipation of this deal going through. Many residents were unaware of this change to the Guidelines.

Steve Kiel is on the board of the Fair Lawn Economic Development Commission. Grants have been received from NJ Transit and from Economic Development Commission to conduct a study on how to improve the Radburn Business District. The focus will be to analyze traffic studies, pedestrian safety, and best business use for the area. It encompasses an area from Route 208 to Abbott Road. The Radburn train station is the 2nd busiest station on the Bergen County Line. Need to improve the aesthetics of the buildings and fill the vacancies in the area. There will be a town wide meeting held at the Fair Lawn Community Center from 4-8PM. (Originally scheduled for Sept 29 but subsequent to our meeting the Town wide meeting was rescheduled for October 13th).

There is hope of a farmer’s market to be placed at the Topps site. The Plaza Building has a new owner. There is discussion to place bump outs by Sugarflake bakery to slow traffic.


Following motion and second, the meeting was adjourned by Jill Davis

Respectfully submitted this 14th day of October 2015 by Emily Schutz, Radburn Citizens’ Association Secretary.





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