"A private association is essential. To be effective, such an organization should include in its membership all families of the community."--Radburn Designer Clarence Stein, from the "Radburn" chapter in his classic book Toward New Towns For America.


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Radburn Tax Returns 2003-2005

The Radburn Association has run deficits for the past three years, with very large amounts spent on legal fees. Take a look at these key pages from the RA's tax returns filed with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The key figures to review on Radburn's 990 form are on line 18 (showing the deficit) and line 32 (showing legal fees).

Radburn IRS Tax Return 2003

Radburn IRS Tax Return 2004

Radburn IRS Tax Return 2005


2003: $222,933 in legal expenses; deficit of $38,342

2004: $239,284 in legal expenses; deficit of $24,069 (but a one-time $125K deposit for the Daly field sale -- line 8d -- disguised the real operating deficit of $149,069)

2005: $308,205 in legal fees; deficit of $208,547

Total legal expenses the past three years: $770,442

Total deficit the past three years: $395,958














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