Important Information about bill #A469

January 3, 2016

Important Information about bill #A469

Dear Neighbors,

As President of the Radburn Citizens’ Association, I would like to make you aware that there is currently a bill (#A469) before the NJ State Senate. This bill would provide financial disclosure, open nominations and elections, and membership for all homeowners. Members in Radburn can select trustees to serve on the board, amend the association bylaws, and approve association finances, among other things, but there are only a small number of members living in our community. I want to inform you that the Radburn Association has engaged a lobbyist to fight against this bill and plan on spending tens of thousands of dollars if necessary to do so.

The vast majority of Radburn homeowners currently do not have members’ rights. You can only become a member of the Association if you are chosen by the current trustees to be on the annual Board of Trustees November ballot and are then elected to office. Right now, even if 95% of your neighbors believe that you would be a great trustee, there is no other way to get elected or become a member.

A469 would require Radburn to consider all homeowners to be members, which would allow everyone to have input into how the community is managed, including an open nomination process for the annual Board of Trustees election. (Until that happens, only a relative few have control over how our money is spent or how the community is run.)
This bill passed the State Assembly overwhelmingly (71-4-2 in June of 2015) and is now in the hands of the State Senate. It needs Senate sponsors to take the next step. However, the Trustees and Members of the Radburn Association are willing to spend our money to keep things as they are today and not have this bill become law.

It is important that you come to the next Radburn Citizens’ Association meeting on January 20th, 2016 at 7:30 PM, so we can fully talk about this.


Jill Davis, President of the Radburn Citizens’ Association


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